Mess is Mine – SOTM August 2014

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Sadly last year was a bit busy for me and I totally missed out on Vance Joy taking over the world…or the airwaves anyway! First I heard of him was when I looked to see which song got #1 in Triple J’s hottest 100. I know, so sad. Had other things on my mind!

Since I have been listening to Triple J regularly this year I was on the ball for his next album and heard this the first time it got played!

I really like it, and I’m betting everyone else will too! Another #1? Maybe not, but I reckon it will be up there! The song is Mess is Mine by Vance Joy.

I love this video, its quirky for sure but of course I love it because, well – Melbourne. Melbourne folk where do you think that bit under the bridges with the trains is at the start? It kind of looks like its around Macaulay Station in Kensington? What do you think? I’ve screenshotted it here:


– Jen


Stolen Dance – SOTM June 2014

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I’ve been doing a bit of driving lately and as I mentioned in my last SOTM I’m soooo over ALL of my music. So I’ve been listening to the radio more and have really been enjoying it, even just the talking. Am I that lonely?? Maybe lonely is the wrong word, am I that deprived of adult conversation?

Anyway the other night I heard The Doctor introduce Clemens Rehbein from ‘Milky Chance’ and they played this song, which sounded vaguely familiar to me, not sure why!

The album doesn’t come out on iTunes until the 20th of June and I will definitely be getting it!

Anyway enjoy!

– Jen

When you walk there’s a fire in your bones – SOTM May 2014

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Now that I’m home all day or in the car I am SO over all of my music that I’ve reverted to listening to the radio. I am actually enjoying it and finding some new music. I’ve just been listening to triple j and came across this gem the other day.

The song is ‘Poision Drum’ and its by a band called Gang of Youths.

You can listen to it here..

– Jen

Leeward Side – SOTM July 2013

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I love Josh Pyke, thanks to Shell who got me onto him. This song has great lyrics and like a few of JPs songs there is a bit of a nautical theme going on e.g. in ‘Lines on Palms’ when he sings,

“I don’t want to live like that, I want to live somewhere more like you, by the sea, where the cliffs keep sentry watching over me, and it can get rough out there I know, but a woman is a sail that remains unfurled so stay ahead of the wind man or you won’t catch her”.

So much more like the JP of old.

According to google the ‘leeward side’ is the downwind side, or protected side of a ship or island. There’s the nautical theme coming through again.

My favourite line is “and some will sit on their hands despite their feet and one day you know I’ll see you’re dancing away from me”. Awesome stuff. I’ll be writing about that very action in another post soon. 

Here he is:


I belong with you, you belong with me – SOTM April 2013

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Another new favourite song, beautiful and catchy – with great lyrics..

The song is ‘Ho Hey’ by The Lumineers.

My favourite part goes:

“I don’t think you’re right for him
Look at what it might have been if you
Took a bus to China Town
I’d be standing on Canal
And Bowery
And she’d be standing next to me”.

There’s a bit of conjecture about the meaning of standing on Canal and Bowery, but that area in New York is known for its jewellery shops so my interpretation is that its to do with a marriage proposal.

Here it is:

– Jen

Simple Song – SOTM September 2012

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It’s been awhile, and while I’ve been really enjoying my music lately its taken The Shins to bring me out of my SOTM hiatus.

“I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone, don’t go thinking you gotta be tough and play like a stone, could be there’s nothing else in our lives, so critical, as this little home”

I’m enjoying almost all of their new album, and the film clip is pretty….shinsy too.


– Jen

Into the office – SOTM November 2011

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This SOTM is such a ‘jen’ song. I’ve liked it for a long time and had to go back through my SOTM archives to make sure I hadn’t already used it! I think I first heard it just after I got my iPhone and a young whippersnapper at work introduced me to the JJJ Unearthed App.

The band is Loon Lake, the song is ‘into the office’.

Why is it a ‘jen song’? It’s got lyrics that tell a story! And its damn catchy. I’ve been wandering around the house while I’m getting ready for bed going “bee boo boo boo bee boo boo boo bee boo boo boo”.. you get the picture.  For some reason the man is pretty sick of the song.

Technically I shouldn’t really like the lyrics because they tell a story about a guy and a girl who are living together and the guy loses his job. They start drifting apart and she ends up meeting another guy and something about “bee boo boo boo bee boo boo boo bee boo boo boo”. Hmmm. Anyway.

I think my favourite bit is:

“So Monday in his jammies, watching cartoons, eating cereal with the dog
He’s dressed and in the study at 5:30 but she knows he hasn’t been there long

And pretty soon he notices she’s going out and not coming home at all
With so much time alone, they’re growing apart”

For the visually inclined:

– Jen

The wolves – SOTM September 2011

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This not so monthly SOTM is pretty much my favourite song at the moment. I’ve been playing it non-stop for about two months now and am still not sick of it.

To make it a bit more interesting I’ve included this amazing clip of Danny Macaskill with the song playing in the background. Watch is AWESOME and will blow your MIND!

The song is “The Wolves” by Ben Howard. In the clip its the acoustic version, but the regular version will rocks your socks too.

– Jen

I’m living it harder to feel what it feels like to know – SOTM May 2011

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The first time I’d even heard of Boy & Bear was when their cover of ‘Fall at your feet’ got to number 5 in this years (or 2010’s) Triple J’s hottest 100. I can’t remember how I stumbled over this particular song which is called ‘Feeding Line’ but it could have been in the car, at the bike shop, at the dentist, at the supermarket..or maybe iTunes. It’s been absolutely flogged on the radio but luckily I don’t listen to the radio much so I’m not sick of it. Obviously I like it and that’s why its got my SOTM!

– Jen

The one I love – SOTM April 2011

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I heard this song a lot in April while we were staying with our good friends George and Bridge and their beautiful boy Malachy in the Barossa. It’s on their iTunes playlist so it came on every afternoon or while we were playing cards and I realised I quite like it.

So April’s SOTM is ‘The one I love’ by David Gray. The lyrics also tell a story which Jentopia fans know I like in songs.

– Jen