Things aren’t looking very good, its true – so I’ll just stay here and chew.

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As you may or may not know readers the man has recently moved back to Albury for work. I say Albury instead of Wodonga (where he actually works) because I don’t really like Wodonga. Sorry to those of you who live there or know people who live there, or who have ever been there.

Anyway, so with the man gone, I’m fending for myself for a few months. While I always had an inkling that the man took care of most of the household chores it has become readily apparent to me that ‘most’ actually equals all.

Cooking, cleaning, washing, cat litterbox changing, bringing in the mail, taking the bins out, bringing them in, dishwasher stacking, dishwasher unpacking, sharpening Schroddy’s claws, shopping, unpacking the shopping, flossing the cats teeth, just general household stuff..the list is endless! Sure I cook here and there…but this is out of control! I barely have time to go to work, let alone sleep and train!

I’m mostly coping okay, not freaked out about being home alone at night like I thought I might be. The other night I even went and checked the mail at night without sprinting back to the front door. But after work and training its pretty hard to come home and be bothered to cook for one. For a person who doesn’t train like I do this might not be such an issue but with the amount I’m doing, I haven’t been feeling too great trying to train after a week of no red meat or vegetables!

Thankfully, and this is what this post is about (you knew I’d get to the point eventually) I’ve had some really really lovely people offer to cook for me, have me over for dinner, cook me meals and bring them into work for me, meet me for dinner etc. Some are even just people I work with and I have to say each offer made my day! It really really did, I was pretty chuffed!

It made me so happy to know that there are people I know out there who are so lovely! Special mention must go to my step-mother-in-law (SMIL?) who cooked me enough tuna mornay to last me three nights, so I could freeze some for later.

I finally made some time this weekend to cook enough meals to freeze which will last me a week or so, and with next week being full of Christmas BBQs and the man returning later in the week, I won’t have to resort to anymore tuna and salad or cereal for dinners! I also got the house cleaned up, cleared out the pantry (anyone want some fish sauce from 2007?), baked twice (for the aforementioned BBQs) and just got more organised.

And hey! I found time to blog.

– Jen
p.s. The title of this post is from ‘Christmas is going to the dogs’ by The Eels, one of my favourite Christmas songs.

Christmas is going to the dogs.

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This is a post title with a triple meaning. Firstly, its Christmas so it’s relevant.

This is our tree. It’s our first one, because now we are officially a family….or after three years of ‘we should really buy a Christmas tree’, we forked out some money and bought one. The man’s rule was that the tree had to be taller than him. FYI the cost of a tree increases not only by its likeness to a real tree, but also by its height. That’s some tree economics for you.

Now, much like this person (who has an excellent blog and actually updates it </plug> I usually love Christmas and am ridiculously excited about it. This year….not so much. So secondly, Christmas is going to the dogs.

I think this year after the wedding Christmas has snuck up on me, plus I’m not seeing my family and I’m working right up to lunchtime on Christmas Eve. I’m kind of looking forward to work though. A couple of people are bringing their kids in. Kids are Christmas spirit on short legs! I’ve bought some of those chocolate gold coins to distract them/get them high on sugar then leave before they crash.

We were originally going to Fankhauser Christmas which is in Beechworth but now we’re going to the man’s Mum’s place on ‘the farm’. It will still be cool because there will still be heaps of kids, but I’ll miss catching up with all the Fankhausers. I’ll also miss catching up with my family. It seems weird to be close to them but so far away still. We have to go back to Melbourne on the 27th so the man can work. Yes, it does suck.

I bet you’re wondering where I’m going to pull ‘thirdly’ from. No? You missed the Firstly, Secondly….arrgh. I don’t know why I even bother trying to be creative with you people!

Introducing, the third reason why Christmas is going to the dogs:

It’s literally going to the dogs! Meet six puppies my amazing sister brought home from the RSPCA (where she volunteers) the other day. Someone had dumped them in 40 degree heat, see here. The one down the bottom is named Buckley, because he black and white and is a great player. They are only a couple of weeks old so she is looking after them until they are old enough to hopefully be adopted.

Otherwise, Mum and Dad already have two *cough* three, dogs…what’s another six?

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t update as much as I wanted to, but never fear I do have photos and my video year in review will be a cracker. I hope.

– Jen

Christmas is going to the dogs.

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It’s not really, but the Eels song of the same title has been in my Christmas carols playlist and I wanted to use it.

I had a nice enough Christmas, it was strange being separated from the man. For numerous reasons he went to his family and I went to mine. Mainly that I’m on call for work this week so I had to be back here on boxing day and he wanted to spend some more time with his family.
Mum came down on the 23rd so we could go and visit my sister the next day and brought with her my ‘Christmas Turkey’ – see video below. You should watch it, its freaking hilarious. Could be my sense of humour, but I doubt it.
We left to visit my sister early on Christmas Eve and one interesting addition to the trip was a ‘tom-tom’ (sat nav system) Mum had borrowed. She’s named it Shaun because of its irish accent and good old Shaun was actually really handy. If the three wise men had of had Shaun it would have made their trip a whole lot easier. Back at home we had the usual seafood dinner of prawns, oysters and crusty bread rolls.
After dinner I actually went to 9:30 mass with Nan which was nice. I usually love going to Mass at Christmas, but I should either go earlier or on Christmas day because all the little kids must have been in bed. Fr Kevin started talking about direction, and finding your way and that sometimes you get lost and its hard to find your way. Which made me giggle when I thought about Shaun, so I tried to whisper to Nan that he should get a tom-tom. Except Nan’s getting a little bit hard of hearing and said “WHAT” so I said “he should get A TOM-TOM” and then Nan laughed when she’d figured it out. Which made me laugh more.
I am very lucky because ‘Santa’ gave me a gift voucher for orthotics (I just realised I haven’t blogged about this yet). The post will no doubt be a rant about what is the point of health insurance. But anyway.
The man also snuck ‘Twilight’ the book and some lindt dark chocolate bars in, when we weren’t supposed to be giving each other presents this year. I haven’t got him anything, which he’s probably happy about.
Christmas lunch was great. After lunch when Dad and Grandpa went off to have their snoozes ‘my sort of kind of cousin’ Josh and I started playing tug a war with Tammy my parents enormous black lab. MUM suggested making it more interesting by adding in Dad’s old desk chair on wheels. Hopefully I can get the video of me being pulled around by the dog. Hopefully none of you will report me to the RSPCA. Besides, I’m light and the dogs huge.
I came back on the XPT on boxing day afternoon and just about finished Twilight on the train. It wasn’t a bad book and I know why teenage girls rave about Edward Cullen.
That’s about it for Christmas.
– Jen