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This SOTM is such a ‘jen’ song. I’ve liked it for a long time and had to go back through my SOTM archives to make sure I hadn’t already used it! I think I first heard it just after I got my iPhone and a young whippersnapper at work introduced me to the JJJ Unearthed App.

The band is Loon Lake, the song is ‘into the office’.

Why is it a ‘jen song’? It’s got lyrics that tell a story! And its damn catchy. I’ve been wandering around the house while I’m getting ready for bed going “bee boo boo boo bee boo boo boo bee boo boo boo”.. you get the picture. ¬†For some reason the man is pretty sick of the song.

Technically I shouldn’t really like the lyrics because they tell a story about a guy and a girl who are living together and the guy loses his job. They start drifting apart and she ends up meeting another guy and something about¬†“bee boo boo boo bee boo boo boo bee boo boo boo”. Hmmm. Anyway.

I think my favourite bit is:

“So Monday in his jammies, watching cartoons, eating cereal with the dog
He’s dressed and in the study at 5:30 but she knows he hasn’t been there long

And pretty soon he notices she’s going out and not coming home at all
With so much time alone, they’re growing apart”

For the visually inclined:

– Jen

  • Sounds amazingly like The Wombats.