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It’s been awhile, and while I’ve been really enjoying my music lately its taken The Shins to bring me out of my SOTM hiatus.

“I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone, don’t go thinking you gotta be tough and play like a stone, could be there’s nothing else in our lives, so critical, as this little home”

I’m enjoying almost all of their new album, and the film clip is pretty….shinsy too.


– Jen

  • I haven’t seen the video, but the song is great. It is the best song of the new album – or … can I say, then only good one?

    If not: then what else do you like from it?

  • jen

    Nope there are heaps of good songs on the album, rifle spiral, its only life, bait and switch, september, no way down are all good, but you have to listen to them a bit more!