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I love Josh Pyke, thanks to Shell who got me onto him. This song has great lyrics and like a few of JPs songs there is a bit of a nautical theme going on e.g. in ‘Lines on Palms’ when he sings,

“I don’t want to live like that, I want to live somewhere more like you, by the sea, where the cliffs keep sentry watching over me, and it can get rough out there I know, but a woman is a sail that remains unfurled so stay ahead of the wind man or you won’t catch her”.

So much more like the JP of old.

According to google the ‘leeward side’ is the downwind side, or protected side of a ship or island. There’s the nautical theme coming through again.

My favourite line is “and some will sit on their hands despite their feet and one day you know I’ll see you’re dancing away from me”. Awesome stuff. I’ll be writing about that very action in another post soon. 

Here he is:


  • Deb

    Omg. Three posts in one evening. I am having trouble keeping up!