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My recent ‘get stuff done’ campaign is going pretty well. I’m not really procrastinating about anything anymore, anytime I have a thought like “I should do…” I do it instead. But renovating is frustrating in that a lot of the time you just have to wait. Mostly its waiting for people to return your calls. As a Gen Y, where everything is ‘instant’ this drives me mad!

But this week was great. I got onto the electrician on Monday who promised he’d send someone out on Wednesday. And on Wednesday Tim the Sparky arrived. By Wednesday night he’d done almost two rooms which meant we could get the rest of Grape’s room painted on the weekend.

By Friday he’d done all the bedrooms, the bathroom, toilet and installed 8 downlights.
We like Tim the Sparky! And the house looks amazing. He’s still probably got another few days here which will include upgrading the mains power as we’re only getting about half the amount of power in that we should be.

Friday afternoon we had a fencing guy around to give us a quote on getting the pool fence up to scratch. Tomorrow or Tuesday I’m supposed to hear back from ‘my’ builder and plumber with quotes andĀ the manĀ is supposed to hear back from his. We’ll see if that happens!

This weekend we finished doing all the undercoats on Grape’s room, and I think we’re both a bit nervous about putting the colour on the walls. My job is the roller. I find painting a bit nerve wracking. But I think by the end we’ll be experts.

That’s about it for renovations this week!

– Jen