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So we finally have some action happening with the renovations. The plumber started today and we arrived home to lines drawn on the concrete in the old garage AND a hole in the backyard! (Dale dug a hole!). The concrete cutter is arriving tomorrow presumably to cut along the lines which should be even more impressive!

photo 2 photo 1

We did a little bit of work on the kitchen last Friday, just removing a small breakfast bar and also a unit that the fridge was sitting under. We were able to move the fridge around and it has opened up the kitchen a lot! This Friday we’re finalising the kitchen plans with Muz which will be exciting.

We’ve pretty much finished painting the bedrooms, one room has a coat of gloss to do on the skirting boards but other than that – all done! We will do the lounge room over the next few weeks – it won’t take long now we’ve got the hang of it. That will be it for painting until the renovations are done. Not looking forward to the rest of it, thats for sure!

We are getting someone around on Thursday to measure up for blinds in the bedrooms, and the carpet goes in soon too – 13 days!! I’ll be super happy when that is done because of all the clutter everywhere while we keep those rooms empty.

We did a big clean out on the weekend to clear out the old garage and we took a couple of loads to the tip and also did a bit of gardening as well. The yard is not looking too bad considering we did nothing on it all winter although the front yard is still a shambles. I figure there’s not much point doing anything with it as having it empty means the builder/plumber can leave stuff there and we can get a skip in if we need to.

I think that’s about it for now. So things are finally happening, getting home and seeing that someone had actually been in and STARTED was great to see!

– Jen