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Today we had our 34 week midwife appointment. It was kind of…boring! It was supposed to be talking about labour and birth skills. The midwife asked us if we’d been to an antenatal class which we said we had, and then she asked if we had any questions, which we didn’t. She mentioned something about did we know about the signs of labour and the man said yes, it would be good if she could go through that. But instead, she just quizzed ME about it. Lucky I paid attention in the class. THEN she asked me about the different stages of labour. She didn’t ask the man anything!

But we were both just hanging out for the ‘lets see what the baby is up to’ bit. Grape was clearly mooning the midwife with a big bum bump sticking out the side of me. Grape’s heart rate was good, my blood pressure was good – and we were outta there in 20 minutes!

The man are I are having regular ‘can you believe in six weeks…or maybe less…or maybe a bit more we’re going to have a baby’ *stare at each other* moments. They vary between us being really excited and being completely terrified. 

On the weekend we went shopping for things on the ‘hospital list’. I am not a ‘baby shower’ person and we really didn’t have much for Grape to wear. On the list was baby clothes (including singlets), bunny rugs, newborn size disposable nappies, baby wipes, baby toiletries. I did a bit of googling and apparently its recommended you take some 000 and some 0000 clothes. Sounded pretty simple. We figured we’d just go to target and pick up some singlets, onesies, a beanie and some wraps. 20 minute job. Well. It would probably have been easier if we knew if we were having a boy Grape or a girl Grape but still.

Target had funny sizes, no beanies…so we went to the bonds store. Again no beanie/hats, and it seemed expensive and again, gender neutral is hard…checked out kmart and pumpkin patch. We had success with the beanie at pumpkin patch…well we ticked the item off the list. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but the man picked it and it IS pretty cute. And do you even *need* a beanie in mid november? Who knows. Also, baby toiletries? Like what? Disposable razors? deoderant?


And also, what the hell are bunny rugs? I still don’t know if what we got are ‘bunny rugs’. I don’t even know if we got what we need. But its not like we live in the middle of nowhere, I’m sure if there’s something we’re missing we can go and get it. 

As luck would have it…one of our friends turned up minutes after we got home with a big tub FILLED with the exact kind of things we were looking for but couldn’t find (thanks Kate & Muz!)…INCLUDING regular looking beanies. You must have to already be a Mum to know where to find that stuff. 

So now we have LOTS of stuff. If the baby shop would hurry up and deliver the cot and dresser we could actually put some stuff away instead of having it stacked on the floor for Dusty the robotic vacuum to try and eat.

Well, thats it for now. Its waaay past my bedtime and I’m planning on swimming in the morning.

– Jen

  • 000 for a newborn must be some sort of sick midwife in-joke. Our munchkin was 9 1/2lbs, and she still didn’t get into 000 for probably 6 weeks.
    And yes, they need a beanie in November. Apparently they’re pretty bad at regulating body temp, and with bald little heads and no fontinelle, the top of the head leaks a fair bit of body heat.
    I was actually really surprised at how little clothing we needed to buy in the early days – everyone gives yous gifts, hand me downs, etc etc, and we were waist deep in stuff at times. Now she’s a bit more active, crawling etc, clothing gets worn out (and irrepairably stained, who would have thought that!) and we’re regularly buying stuff. Plus apparently they grow or something too.
    Not sure D Waas would be the type to offer soothing, confidence building type labour and birthing stories either.
    Exciting times ahead!

  • Hey Jen,

    Rae can’t comment from work but suggests ‘op shops are perfect for things like bunny rugs’.