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So the first day of my 36th week was not the relaxing enjoyable first day of maternity leave I was thinking it would be.

The plan for my first day was:
– 1km swim
– 36 week checkup
– Coffee
– Feet up

The day went like this:
– 1km swim
– 36 week checkup
– Panic
– Booking in for growth scan ASAP
– Blood test
– Hospital for an hour for CTG for Grape
– Home, feet up

According to the lobstertrician Grape is measuring a bit small. I found this hard to believe because at my last midwife checkup two weeks ago, I was spot on for my measurements and now was telling me I was a centimetre smaller. Mind you this is after months of everyone saying how BIG I am. Make up your mind people. Anyway, he booked us in for a growth scan ASAP. I was not a fan of those words ‘ASAP’. And getting a booking for a scan around here is never easy. We managed to get in the following Tuesday. I guess technically that still is ASAP.

Anyway after poking Grape around for a bit the lobstertrician checked the heart rate and then said it was a bit high. He waited awhile and then checked it again and said it was normal but then it went up again so he said he’d like to send us for a CTG.


The lobstetrician 

By now I was starting to feel like my first day off was not going at all like I had planned and its fair to say I was a little worried about Grape. Of course the man was his usual cool self. Grape also didn’t appear to be at all worried, unless wiggling its bum at people is its way of showing it. So, off to get a blood test – I forget for what, I think they just do them for fun when you are pregnant.

Then off to the hospital. The doctor had rung them so the midwife knew I was coming in. She was the complete opposite of the doctor, she was very reassuring and even rolled her eyes when I said they were sending me for a scan, and said they wouldn’t have sent me for a scan for being such a small amount off where I should be. AND she even measured me a centimetre and a half bigger than the doctor had. By now I was feeling much more relaxed. After I went and peed in a cup (another one of those things they make you do for fun when you’re pregnant) she hooked me up to the CTG and then showed us how Grape’s heart rate was on the left of the monitor and the number on the right was measuring contractions (not that I could feel them).

Then she left us alone for about 45 minutes.

Now they say they you marry someone like your father but I didn’t really believe that until the man started fiddling with the stuff in the room. It reminded me of Dad taking me to orthodontist appointments and him touching all the stuff before the orthodontist arrived and me freaking out we’d get in trouble. The man walked around the room, looked at everything, weighed himself and played with the blood pressure monitor until I hissed at him to stop it. Honestly!

At first I was just watching the heart rate but it was pretty consistent so the man and I went back to chatting until it went right up, but then we realised the contraction number was also right up. Interesting! Grape was pretty much going nuts the whole time, which was making me laugh, which was making the CTG stop working. The man made me lose it completely when he joked about imagining Grape in there tapping on the CTG transducer saying “hello, hello…is this thing on”. Very funny ..but maybe you had to be there.

Anyway eventually the midwife came back, declared everything totally normal and sent us on our way.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, I just rested really! Didn’t do much at all and spent way too much time on the couch!

Although I did handwash the baby clothes for the hospital in lux flakes. Ridiculous. Who are the mothers who are doing this for all the clothes? I had all the time in the world to do it and I still hated it. Grape, I love you – but I’m not hand washing your clothes. It was a nice idea though.


It was probably a good thing I was so well rested because on Saturday we headed up to the King Valley to help our friends out who were running the King Valley Challenge multisport race. I was totally exhausted by the end of the day and spent Sunday curled up on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. Related: Why is Luke so stupid?

Today I’m 37 weeks which means we’re full term now. Hooray! But Grape, I wouldn’t mind another couple of weeks of getting settled into maternity leave so feel free to stay put for a few weeks yet. But please remember it is important to be on time for things, being late is not a good first impression on your parents!

Tomorrow we have the growth scan with Dr Debbie Wass – who most parents-to-be in Albury know as what you might call a ‘straight shooter’. She’s great though, but quite direct. On Wednesday we have our 37 week appointment with the midwife.

Well I’m off now, time for a walk (in search of coffee!).

– Jen

  • This is such an exciting time! I clearly remember washing all five of my babes clothes in Lux flakes and even now the scent brings those memories flooding back 🙂