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I’ve always liked the name Matthew. I think its because my second cousin is a Matthew and we always used to think he was the bees knees when we were growing up. Then I ended up marrying a Matthew and I was pretty chuffed because I now had my own Matt.

When we lived in Melbourne I joined a running group and there was a guy called Matt who I used to run with. One person in our running group thought that running Matt was husband Matt.

That was confusing enough right there and then things got a bit crazy when we moved to Albury and I realised the world is just full of Matts!

There’s Matt @mattunderground who I met on twitter who took pity on my poor riding buddy-less self when I moved to town and instigated daily morning rides out to Tabletop and back via Gerogery Rd, known as ‘the usual loop’ or just ‘the usual’. Sometimes there’s the reverse usual too. I haven’t gone back on a ‘usual’ since baby Angus arrived but hope to get back soon.

There’s Mat @hambot who I also met on twitter who I met in person on a shop ride not long after we moved here. Also makes a regular appearance on ‘the usual’.

Then there’s Matt L (or The Slug) an unfortunate nickname based on his surname. Also a regular on ‘the usual’.

The guy who makes our coffee post ride, also a Matt.

My good friend Alex – marrying a Matt.

Matt’s are everywhere!

– Jen