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I’m just back from a fantastic week in Melbourne and feeling re-energised and ready to tackle another week of baby rearing.

Melbourne was lovely hanging out with the man, window shopping, a couple of cheeky bike rides, lots of coffee, catching up with friends and some one on one time with Rach – it was just what I needed.

The solo travelling to and from Melbourne was not so relaxing.

On the way down I left after the baby bond swim class naively thinking little man might be worn out and y’know sleep, but he whinged until just before Glenrowan (an hours drive) then BAM! he knocked it up a notch so I had to pull over at Macca’s and feed him.

Which took an HOUR.

I seriously contemplated just going home. But after I fed him I powered on (alright powered by 6 nuggets and some coke – don’t judge me) and we made it to Epping before he totally lost it and I had to pull off at a servo. Nappy change, filled up the car, another feed and gritted our teeth – well me my teeth and he his gums and we got on with it.

Needless to say I was not looking forward to driving back.

So today after stuffing him full of milk I hit the road…and little man immediately expressed his displeasure about being in the car – again. All the way from Clifton Hill to Reservoir he ranted and raved about the unfairness of being in the car…and then he fell asleep. A little bit more grumbling from time to time but mostly quiet all the way to just before Euroa!

A good feed for both of us (I acquired a pretty good lunch and decaf coffee) and then only 160kms to go! Then a few minutes later I had to stop again because oh my god, the screaming.

A cuddle and another nappy change and then only…150kms to go.

All went silent and I was carefully avoiding any potholes, the rumble strips on the edge of the freeway, not to driving over those reflectors in between lanes so I wouldn’t wake him up.

Distance to Wodonga, 99kms, then 55kms then 34kms and still silence. I felt like I was holding my breath, 20kms to go, then 10kms..then I heard a grunt and some babbling. Quick look in the rearview mirror and I saw feet wriggling. Oh god, please not now.

More babbling and wriggling and just as the 6km to go sign went past a new song came on.

‘Baby don’t cry’ by INXS. Yes I, like the rest of Australia, purchased their best of album last week. But seriously spooky! It did make me laugh though!

“Baby don’t cryyyyyyy, baby don’t cry (something something something) baby don’t cryyyyyyy, baby don’t cryy”. We drove into Albury as the song finished and he only just started to grizzle as we drove into our driveway.

What an adrenaline rush!

– Jen

  • We have those drives some days, for only 5km and all of a sudden I’m emproaching the speed limit through the corners and finish the relaxing drive by jumping the car up the driveway with a rally-car handbrake park into the garage. Maybe I should buy that INXS album?

  • Anonymous

    Love it Jen, go baby Angus. Sounds like my two, except they would spew all the way to Narooma.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Jen from aunty d