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I haven’t blogged much about the progress of our renovations for awhile because they were making me very cranky, so cranky in fact that the little man and I moved out! 

But we’re home now! And it’s fantastic. Still a little way to go, but the major work is done and its almost all downstairs anyway. The house has that ‘new house’ smell. A heady mix of the chemicals used to polish the timber floors and fresh paint. Mmm mmmm.


The kitchen is *almost* finished – the splash back gets installed today, and we need to replace our mdf shelving with glass in our cabinets as well as get a couple of our servo drive cabinets which you just touch to open resynched so they don’t touch the cornices when they open. I am hoping the colour of the splash back is what I wanted – so hard to pick a colour from a teeny weeny colour chart.

We have to have the painter come back and finish a cornice that the plasterer finally returned to finish on the weekend as well as touch up some skirting boards which got knocked when the flooring guys were sanding and polishing the floors. We’re pretty happy with the floor considering the new stuff had to be spliced in with the old, its difficult to tell which is old floor and new floor which is what you want!

We are going to re-tile our upstairs toilet and put in a new toilet too, but the old bathroom will stay for awhile yet. We also need to re-tile the front steps/verandah which we’ll do soon.

Speaking of tiles I am in love with the tiles I picked for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. They’re all the same tile..but I love them. Nice and big and…well I just love them.

Downstairs we need to have some concrete replaced which needs a month to cure before the flooring guys can come back and finish off the floorboards. The tilers need to come back and silicone the laundry and ensuite and we also need doors made for the linen press and the WIR. Hopefully the plumber comes back today or Tuesday to fit off the laundry, toilet downstairs and the ensuite!

I really want downstairs finished or at least tidied up as we have a lot of ‘stuff’ to find a place for – stuff which is taking up valuable real estate upstairs which is bugging me no end. And yes, a large percentage of the stuff is Lego.

Today we’re also supposed to be having our new dining table delivered. It’s pretty big, I think it seats 10 but should fit well as we have a big space to fill perfect for it. 

Thats the ‘stuff’ part of where we are at. I am just so happy to be home. I wish the start of little man’s life hadn’t been so chaotic but I think I/we coped okay…just…maybe. Its very nice to be out the other side that’s for sure. I know in a few years time we’ll laugh about how stupid we were and we’ll tell him about how when he was a baby we lived with Nanny and Poppy for the first few months because I was worried about falling through the floor in the middle of the night.

If I get time I might put together some before and after photos. It really is quite amazing!

I’d better wrap it up as little man is doing his pre wake up routine (sort of like a backwards version of ‘the worm’) I’m watching him on the baby monitor waiting for that shriek of displeasure at finding out he was tricked into sleeping again. One point to me. 

– Jen

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