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Some days its all I can do to count down the hours until the man gets home from work. Not because I can do the baby handball – although the thought of being able to do that is nice “take him”. Just because then, there’s two of us and it doesn’t seem so bad when there’s a teammate you can ‘tag’ in.

I don’t feel bad writing this. Other mothers will get it. Especially Cherie over at Raising Master Max who is doing it way tougher than me. 

Today was not a good day. But I know parts were good, so thought I’d go over those. 

So today’s good bits:

– Little man’s grins at 5:05am this morning. He was absolutely ecstatic to see me and it made me laugh out loud. He is a crack up. Can’t wait until he actually laughs too!

– The coffee my friend Shell brought me, who then looked after little man so I got a shower today and then I got an hour down the street (to question pharmacists about losec – his reflux medication has been turning brown. Doesn’t seem right to me! Anyone know anything about it?). Oh and I made it to the post office to post a few things I’ve been meaning to for a two weeks.

– The coffee my friend Ann brought me this afternoon (a decaf but still a nice coffee) and we had a good chat and catchup. 



– The photo I got of little man and Matilda the cat. Very cute.


– The kitchen splashback got installed and the plumber started fitting out downstairs

All pretty good! The only bad bit about today was the lack of sleep from little man and oh…the SCREAMING. Actually it was just the screaming this afternoon which really did it. Totally did me in. He went to sleep doing a hiccup/sob thing which was really upsetting to listen to, he was obviously in pain from the reflux. I’m not convinced the medication is working as well anymore. Or it could be anything who know! Maybe he didn’t like that I put socks on him this morning.




A bad day? Not that bad now that I look back on it. 

Tomorrow we have mothers group which I always look forward to if only to socialise with other people also battling with a cute but often little demon child.

The rest of the week will be pretty busy too. Thursday we have a paediatrician appointment – WTF is with this reflux medication is what I will be asking. Depending on how much sleep I get the night before I may actually say that.

Friday we have our 4 month checkup with the child and maternal health nurse. Don’t tell little man but on Monday we have our 4 month needles. FU..N times.

Right. Best be off to bed so I get some sleep! 

– Jen