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Little man is 5 months old today and like all the other months that have passed I’m not sure where this one has gone. Its been a tough few weeks. Or has it? Being a Mum is tough pretty much all of the time! I keep waiting for things to get ‘better’ but am finding now that its how I’m feeling on a particular day rather than anything getting easier.

The days where I get out and about are significantly better than those where I’m stuck at home. Wednesdays in particular are always awesome. I’ve been very very very lucky to get a great mothers group and I always look forward to Wednesdays.

Yesterday (Monday) was bloody terrible! Could not put little man down without him crying, and I was at my wits end by about 10am when a text message appeared from a friend “want me to take little man for an hour so you can go for a ride”? I could have sobbed with relief. Not because I could go for a ride, just so I could have a break.

But instead of riding I used the break to go and hire an industrial vacuum cleaner to start cleaning up downstairs. After I got about a quarter of the way through that it was time to go and pick little man up. Upon returning home I tried to put him down for a sleep so I could keep cleaning, bring in the bins, get the mail and hang out some washing. Little man had other ideas. After trying for an hour to settle him it was 5pm and no point due to the late time. Well maybe I could just hang out the washing? Oh the screaming. Well and truly fed up with him and spying some neighbours with free hands I marched next door and hand balled him for 10 minutes so I could at least hang out the washing.

Brought him back after 10 minutes and attempted to feed him his dinner (rice cereal) he took two mouthfuls then cracked it in the highchair. Attempt to feed him spoonfuls while balancing him on my hip. Cracked it. Right. Bath time. Put him down to undress him. Cracked it. Put him in the bath. Cracked it. Take him out of the bath. Cracked it. Dressed him. Cracked it.

You get the picture.

Could be the adjusting to daylight savings, could be teething. Could be WHO THE HELL KNOWS.

I was that frustrated by the time I put him to bed I cracked (haha) a beer and collapsed onto the couch.

Today was different.

He woke up at 5am – OMFG was my first thought. Awake two hours early. Put the dummy in. Stumbled back to bed and I thought no point actually getting back under the covers as I’ll be up in another 5 minutes. TWO HOURS later I woke up cold but well rested! To hear him chattering to himself and a very happy boy. WOO HOO!!

Then he played happily while I made myself breakfast and a coffee. He also played happily on a rug on the floor of the bathroom while I had a shower – a bit of nappy free time for him while he creepily watches me in the shower (at what age does this become weird?)

Lets recap. Thats a sleep in, breakfast, coffee AND a shower.

Then we headed over to one of the Many Matt’s for an AMAZING coffee. Also he held little man while I got to drink the amazing coffee. Then I returned the industrial vacuum cleaner to one of my OTHER Mat’s and little man had a nap. He had a nap for a good hour.

Lets recap. A sleep in, breakfast, coffee, a shower, ANOTHER coffee, nap for little man.

Then I had a physio appointment. Little man was well behaved-ish. Physio has kids so she knows the deal. Have game plan for treating my sore shoulders & back – leave appointment feeling wonderful.

We returned home where I ate some lunch while little man played happily. Then attempted to put him down for a sleep. Decided to try no swaddling and letting him put the dummy in himself. He did all of those things and went to sleep.

While he was asleep I tried to get our occasional lawn mowerer around to do the nature strip and backyard as the man is arriving home on Thursday and I’d prefer him to look after little man on the weekend than mow the lawns. Lawn mowerer was booked out – boo.

Woke little man up to take him to get car seat checked and re-fitted. Now he is sitting a lot better in it and actually looks secure. Then he went to sleep again while I went out to Mum and Dad’s to feed their menagerie.

Return home. Nature strip has been mowed. My next door neighbour just took it upon himself to help us out.

Let recap.

A sleep in, breakfast, coffee, a shower, amazing coffee, nap for little man, awesome physio appointment, lunch, a nap for little man, car seat fixed, front lawn mowed by neighbour.


Ahhh. And tomorrow is Wednesday!!

– Jen

ps How awesome are my neighbours?