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Its been more than a month since I last posted! Life with a five month old was keeping me pretty busy and now life with a six month old is just as busy! I’ve also been busy watching the real housewives of Melbourne (#teamgina), oh and trying to get some bike riding in. 

So whats news? 

Well little man has just turned six months old and he’s starting to be a lot more fun. Not that I didn’t enjoy those hazy newborn days…er well no, I actually didn’t really! Having said that I’d give anything to go back, knowing now that it does get better for a cuddle with him as a teeny tiny baby. I can’t believe how small he was! And he grew so quickly! 

He’s well and truly on solids now, tonight he demolished a pre made baby food version of a beef and vegie puree. Turns out he likes vegies if they have some flavour in with them. Other than that its pumpkin, pear, apple and rice cereal as his favourite foods. Yesterday he tried some weetbix but hated it. 

I also have a freezer full of pureed vegies which he refuses to eat. I’ve done zucchini, squash, sweet potato, regular potato and broccoli but he won’t open his mouth for anything except pumpkin! Also tried avocado which he wouldn’t swallow. And he had some banana today which he spat out. 

He’s had a bit of eczema lately and some bad cradle cap which combined with the reflux made one of our child health nurses suggest an intolerance to ‘something’. Since I put some paw paw on the eczema its virtually gone and some shampoo from the chemist is clearing up the cradle cap. The reflux is definitely improving as he’s getting older. He’s still quite pukey but its more of a dribble than a waterfall! So I think we’ll just hope that it all clears up as he gets older.

He’s also starting to sit up pretty well! You can’t leave him sitting up alone yet but he’s getting better all the time. Refuses to roll over but getting better at tummy time too. Although he will occasionally roll from tummy to back – to rapturous applause!

We bought some formula to try him on so the man can feed him while I’m out without me expressing. Pretty much a convenience thing and more of a ‘handy to have’ thing than something I plan to use that much as I don’t want it to impact my supply. But it would be good for him to get back to being able to have a bottle. For all the initial pain I went through, and the odd occasional challenge – breastfeeding has been amazing and I am so happy I stuck with it. Although about once a week I still curse it and think ‘right thats IT’ you’re six months now – on to the bottle for you…until its 4am and time for a feed and breastfeeding is soooooo easy!

In any case we made it to six months of breastfeeding! Whatever happens now I’m okay with!

He’s still only sleeping for 45 minutes at a time during the day and it drives me bloody NUTS. I am also flipping OVER people saying “oh well at least he sleeps at night”. Thank goodness he does yes, but the fact he is permanently overtired makes him pretty difficult during the day. Yes, I know when you see him for 15 minutes and give him your undivided attention that he is adorable and you couldn’t possibly imagine him to be any trouble!! Just have another 45 minutes sleep mate! 

What else? We finished our ‘baby bond’ classes at Seal Swim School and Angus has graduated to be a ‘seal pup’ now. We are starting lessons on Tuesday with his little friend Pip, they are birthday buddies too.

Tomorrow is my first mothers day and I am pretty excited. I’ve seen a lot of ‘mothers should be appreciated all year round not just on one day’ kind of posts on social media . I am firmly in the ‘lets get excited about it’ camp. I am sure tomorrow morning I will be cursing my ‘loving breastfeeding’ stance when I forgo a sleep in to feed the little munchkin. We are going for brekkie out at one of my favourite places with my Mum and Nan so that will be nice too. 

Thats about it for now – its well past my bedtime!! 

– Jen