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I love/hate that saying “this too shall pass”. In theory its a good thing to remember when its 2am and your eyeballs are hanging out of your head while trying to convince your baby it is NOT playtime it is SLEEP TIME. But it is so FREAKING UNHELPFUL. Yes, it WILL pass but right now lets be honest, its a bit shit.

Little man has been testing me for about a week now, just being generally out of sorts. Yes yes there is teething, and wonder weeks but really I think he is just being a gigantic pain in the arse at the moment. EXCEPT – EXCEPT…I can’t cry when I’m up at 2am because he is actually making me laugh. So there I am, trying desperately to keep a straight face (and usually failing) while he babbles away, stroking my hair and face then giggling at me. As soon as I put him down to sleep – the screaming/crying/sobbing starts. Pick him up and he’s a comedian. Put him down and all hell breaks loose.

So his night sleeps have gone to shit, which terrifies me a bit. I’ve always said I can cope (just) with the bad day sleeps because generally once 7pm comes I get a break! But now, I don’t know WHAT to expect! And we all know how much I love unpredictability. Apparently babies thrive on being spontaneous!

Here’s hoping this ‘passes’ VERY soon.

– Jen


  • We used to find that “sleep breeds sleep” – and having a bigger DAY sleep would mean a better NIGHT sleep.

    Also – running kids to flat / empty is a good approach – even just a long walk or run at the park – physical exercise. Once he starts crawling, you’ll notice he gets more tired, and then sleeps better (until you get the “over tireds”).

    It’s an amazingly tough journey sometimes – your ‘warts and all’ blogs are great – keep ’em coming…

  • jentopia

    Thanks Wookie! absolutely the more they sleep the more they sleep, think we are just totally out of whack with sleep at the moment!

  • Anonymous

    This is called KARMA, you did the same thing when you where a baby.