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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order.

Today’s post is #45 set a goal and a plan on how to get there.

For about six weeks now the man and I have been trying to get to our local parkrun every week, we don’t always make it but at least one of us tries to get there. The last time I ran I went by myself as little man was sick so he stayed home with the man and I got to run pram less!

It was pretty tough as I normally jog/walk with the pram but I enjoyed myself apart from my ITB packing it in about 3kms in, I walked/ran to the finish but sheesh come on!

My time was 32.11 and I’d like to run PAIN FREE in under 30. That is my goal.

Getting to run at any speed pain free is the first part and this rests solely with me. I have an Osteo appointment coming up and no doubt I’ll be out of alignment again, but to be honest I need to be parkjenrundoing more strength/stretching work than I do treatment.

I have a whole bunch of rehab exercises to do, and I just need to knuckle down and do them. I usually have an hour or so after dinner where I could be doing these – and I don’t even need an hour, I could easily do *something* in 15-20 minutes probably.

I also have a voucher for a myotherapy treatment I got for my birthday which I haven’t had a chance to use yet – I think they will be able to help too so I will book this in soon too.

So I’m just going to DO IT. I think if I gave myself six weeks this is something I could achieve. Call it the start of August – able to run 5kms pain free.

































– Jen