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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order.

Today’s post is #30 – what I’ve learned about life so far.

Its funny that todays post number – 30 is also my age which ties in nicely with writing down what I’ve learned about life so far. I still regularly fail to apply this learning!!

So here’s 30 things I’ve learned about life so far

1. One step at a time (my Dad taught me this one!)
2. Patience – the more you have of it the better (the man taught me this one!)
3. Everything doesn’t have to be done today (see patience)
4. Be kind. You never know what someone else is going through
5. Ask people questions! Don’t let conversation become one-sided. People like to talk about themselves – get them talking (I have to work pretty hard at this). And LISTEN, really listen. I read something recently about sometimes people aren’t really listening, they’re thinking about what they are going to say next. Be mindful of others!
6. Now is not forever! (see patience). Today might be a bad day right now, but in 30 minutes time things might be better, it might be a bad day in a good week, six months of renovating was really, truly awful but it was six months out of our life. However – see #18
7. 7 + 8 = 15*
8. 8 + 7 = 15
9. Forget the high school mentality – most adults are friendly! If someone acts like they’re in high school by excluding you or not treating you well – steer clear!
10. Don’t mix your drinks!
11. Egg doesn’t go in spaghetti bolognese!
12. Smile! People like smilers! (I constantly need to work on this, I am a frowner!) See –
bitchy resting face
3. When something bad happens, take a deep breath and think ‘this is probably not the
worst thing that will ever happen to me/us’. This is tricky to do while in a fragile
emotional state – in which case see #14. For example the other morning I had a cry
when I couldn’t get our car to start (fragile emotional state as I was up all night with
the little man – but when we found out the man was made redundant few years ago I used this
strategy with great success!
14. A good sleep makes all the difference
15. The female body is pretty amazing what with growing babies, having babies and
breastfeeding! As amazing as it is, my body will never quite be the same after having
kids – and thats okay!
16. You get out what you put in to ANYTHING! This applies to much of my life but I’m noticing it more now.
17. Children are a game changer (for the better!), I never realised the positive impact
having a child would have on all our other relationships!
18. Don’t renovate. Ever again. (sorry Mum and Dad who are about to start)
19. Don’t trust real estate agents (except this one)
20. Most things are okay in moderation – as long as you DO moderate!
21. Its okay to make your health a priority but family comes before fitness
22. I’m not good at maths. And thats ok! I married someone who is!
23. Sometimes I wish I was tougher and that I didn’t wear my heart on my sleeve but I am
now realising thats just me! And thats okay! Its why I have low blood pressure!
24. I’m not sure what I did with my time before I had a baby! Babies are good time
25. For such small bricks, lego takes up a lot of space
26. Its okay to ask for help (still shocking at this one)
27. I still think I didn’t learn much at uni..I have forgotten a lot of what I crammed in before exams, but I learned how to think and research and learn. I’m a bloody good googler.
28. I’m a lot like my Mum. A LOT! So watch out little man!
29. 29, The man’s lucky number. So for #29 I’ve learnt that I’m very very lucky to have him!
30. The number of years I’ve been around. I bet I still have a LOT to learn.IMG_0748

Did I miss anything?

– Jen






* I’ve always struggled with maths and I can remember one night when I was young sitting at the kitchen bench doing maths with Dad and he was coaching me, “whats 7+8″..”15!”, then Mum chimed in “whats 8+7” “15!” over and over until I got it. Or thats what I remember anyway. Its an in me.

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