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We realised it after little manΒ was born. There is a LOT of owl stuff around at the moment! What is with that? Bloody owls are everywhere!!

Here’s an example of the ridiculous levels of owl..ness. This is in ONE shop today.

IMG_5949 IMG_5952 IMG_5953 IMG_5954 IMG_5956 IMG_5957





















What a hoot!

– Jen

  • Interesting owl facts:

    # Our child can spot an owl motif approximately 4km away.
    # We now have a pet pillow that looks something like a hybrid owl / wombat, forever known as ‘Hootabat’.
    # I saw an owl moneybox the other day. I really, really want to get it for the kid.

    But what other bird of prey is so cute and adorable for little people? Cuddling up to a wedgetailed eagle or a sparrowhawk just doesn’t have the same appeal. They look mean.

    • I think we have the same owl pillow pet πŸ™‚

  • Haha – what a hoot indeed! I have noticed. Lucky I like owls! I did a post on this very topic just recently: I’m loving all the owls in that shop! What shop is it?

    • jentopia

      Haha so it’s not just me then! It’s Pillowtalk!

  • I love owls, just love them. They just look so sweet in a baby’s life too. Must be the big eye thing.

    • jentopia

      We do too!

  • My daughter is obsessed with owls! They’re so cute how could you not love them. I do get its a bit over the top at the shops at the moment though (same as the woodland stuff). What shop was this at? I think I need to go there!

    • jentopia

      Oh little mans room and clothes are also covered in owls, definitely cute they are just everywhere! This was at Pillowtalk if you have one near you.

  • Must admit they look cute — reckon it’s a subtle message implying to be wise is to be cool?? πŸ˜› {Huge stretch!!!}

    • jentopia

      Haha nope that’s it for sure!

  • Oooh, yep, everywhere! I thought it was a bad omen to have an owl visit your house? They make great homewares though πŸ™‚