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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

Todays post is #20 – your earliest childhood memory

Its pretty hard to work out what my ‘earliest’ memory is but I thought I’d write what I thought and then get Mum to confirm/deny!

So this was our house in Sydney (thanks Google!). I couldn’t remember the name of the street but knew if I looked over a map of the suburb – Kings Langley that I would recognise it and I did. Once I found the street I just crawled along street view until I found the house! Too easy.


Mum tells me we lived here from the start of 1988 until we left for Albury maybe in January 1989.

I can vaguely remember living here. I can remember going to preschool, can remember a Christmas pageant where I was dressed up as an angel (Mum said it was a sheep but I thought it was an angel – now we think that I think maybe I’m just remembering the photo…but I feel like I can kind of remember it!).

Here it is (I am on the right looking at the camera):


I can remember listening to The Seekers ‘Morningtown Ride’ – I can’t remember if it was at preschool or something to do with preschool..not sure. Mum says possibly they played it at preschool.

Speaking of preschool, when I gave Mum the task of finding the sheep/angel photo she initially came up with this. Yes I’m the one with no shirt on. No idea why I don’t have a shirt on! I was special even then!


I can also remember Mum driving somewhere and the boy from next door and I were in the back seat and we kept hitting ourselves in the head and laughing and Mum kept telling us to stop it! (is this why I’m not good at maths?)

I can also remember going to an orientation day at a primary school, but I never ended up going to that school because we moved to Albury!

So there you go – my earliest childhood memory – I would have been about 4, I turned 5 in 1989.

Does this mean that little man probably won’t remember anything until he’s that age? Phew!

How about you? What is your earliest childhood memory?

– Jen