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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

#22 The worst Christmas/birthday you ever had (make it funny), I’ve done a different spin and gone the present angle. Dad, Mum, Santa…sorry in advance.


I can’t remember how old I was, maybe about 9 – or maybe I was a bit older, anyway at some point..

Santa brought me a golf bag for Christmas.


Like a bag you put your golf clubs in.

At the time I remember being disappointed in Santa as I had advised him numerous times that I wanted the “Lego Octan Petrol Station’. I had even checked it was still in stock at Big W in the days leading up to Christmas and then on Christmas Eve I think it wasn’t there anymore. I was quietly confident Santa had it all squared away ready to go!

Imagine my surprise come Christmas morning when an enormous golf bag is sitting next to (this is the next part of my story) our tiny, pathetic Christmas tree.

To make matters worse this year my Mum had decided to ditch the lovely fake plastic tree for a ‘real’ tree. She told us in years to come we would have a proper REAL Christmas tree. In reality we had a tiny shrivelled up brown tree which a number of red back spiders called home.

So before my Dad (who I suspect was behind this Christmas present) can get too offended – this particular Christmas present was the one that actually ended up being used the most!

In fact, this particular golf bag was used for years when my friend and I used to sneak into golf courses, masquerading as legitimate golfers who’d paid their green fees and all school holidays we’d play golf for free!

We only got questioned once and that was when a guy we went to school with was working in the pro shop and saw us out on the course and knew we hadn’t been anywhere near the shop all morning.

I used it through uni too!

So really, a present that seemed like a dud at the time – was one thing I got for Christmas that I got the most use out of!

Thanks Dad..I mean..thanks Santa!

– Jen

p.s. this fits perfectly in the #firstworldproblems hashtag. Didn’t exist when I was nine though!