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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

Today is number 9, fashion: your top 5 looks right now.

Anyone who knows me in real life has probably already fallen off their chair laughing.

Remember yesterdays post? Things haven’t got much better since preschool!! That pose! The shorts!

Here I am rocking my bonds tracky daks and top. I haven’t showered today as I was solo parenting, but I did clean my teeth twice.

My top 5 ‘looks’ are something like this:

1. Trackydaks Jen- for getting around in at home. Features tracky daks and a top. Can double as pyjamas – then when you’re having a tough day with the baby, no one can tell you actually didn’t get dressed that day. Hair will be up – see exhibit A.


2. Jeans and top Jen – in winter add shoes and puffy vest. In winter remove shoes, add thongs. Top will have stripes or be a plain colour.
Hair will be up, or – if within 3 weeks of new haircut will be down. Until I get sick of straightening it and then right back up it goes.

3. Formal Jen – I choose a dress that fits and wear it. Dress will feature black. Usually with some kind of cardigan/shoulder hiding jacket. In summer to hide my hideous cyclist tan, in winter – for warmth! Hair will be out – straightened. Shoes one of three choices.

4. Cyclist Jen – my favourite! Features lycra, in summer bare arms, in winter add arm and leg warmers. Simple, and with a nice piece of kit – elegant. Big smile because it means I’m riding my bike!


5. Running Jen. Check orthotics in shoes. In winter add compression tights, in summer subtract tights, add shorts. T-shirt from previous race/event. Always with a cap.

Sometimes I wish I was more fashionable but now I figure, I’m 30 – its not going to happen! But I bet I spend at least as much money on bike related goodies as other friends do on shoes and clothes!

– Jen

  • I have two. Alternates of jeans or shorts. Hard look in the mirror on the way.