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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

35onedayToday’s post is #35 – if you only had one day to live, how would you spend it?

Okay so I started out writing this as a list of the things I would do, but it is way too hard!

I also noted that the list of things I would do on my ‘last day on earth’ is actually quite unimaginative. It involves family time, bike riding, copious amounts of coffee and good food with friends. When I looked back at it, it read like a standard Sunday!

I can just hear the man screeching at me now “its your LAST DAY ALIVE can’t you think of something exciting you would want to do”. Nope I honestly cannot!

Which got me thinking, I’m in a pretty good place if the best I can come up with for my last day on earth is basically a normal Sunday for me. Obviously knowing its my last day alive I guess I would live it a little bit differently, if little man screamed all day like he did yesterday I wouldn’t mind, I would just let him stay up and cuddle him knowing it was my last day alive. But why didn’t I do that yesterday when for all I knew it might have been my last day?


So..I turned to google for help. After googling ‘last day alive how to spend it’  (yes I really did that, what of it!) I came across this TED conversation and it turns out my unimaginative ‘last day’ is quite normal that is, most people focus on what matters most to us but knowing it is your last day you are ‘in the moment’, not thinking about the past or future just ‘now’.

I have an upcoming blog project that will touch more on this but this living ‘in the moment’ is something I am trying to do more often. Its a bit sad but I find it really difficult. I’m easily distracted and I have to work REALLY hard at it! But, being more aware of that is a step in the right direction I think.

So perhaps the answer to the original question about how I would spend the last day of my life would be that I would spend the day with my family, friends, doing what I love -riding bikes, drinking coffee, cuddling my screaming baby and being in the moment while I do it all!

Wow there you go, quite a serious post that one!

What would you do if you had one day to live?

– Jen