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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

Today’s post is #48 – the top 5 blogs I just can’t get enough of!

top5This should be fun and not too taxing on my poor head. I’m feeling quite seedy after going on a mothers group drinking rampage last night…honestly, those mothers can drink. We have good reason to as well!

Number 1: Woogsworld

Woogsworld  is one of my favourite blogs to read, even though I’m pretty late to the party only coming across it late last year. Don’t know how I missed it! Anyway Mrs Woog is laugh out loud funny and her tagline ‘making the most of the mundane’ is bang on.

Here’s a couple of recent posts that made me laugh:

Morning challenges
Angry Birds

Number 2: The Veggie Mama

I’m enjoying reading her blog even more now she’s living in Melbourne. Great recipes as well. Another ‘real’ blogger.

Here are some posts of hers that I have enjoyed:

Two under two – how did I do it
Conversations in cars

Number 3: Eat Train Laugh

Another thing these bloggers all have in common is that they all post regularly! Evalin blogs about her training and races and I enjoy reading about her progress towards goals. Unlike a lot of other athletes blogs her posts are more than just race reports, although I loved reading her race reports on her ironman races!

Link to 2014 Ironman race report here and 2013 report here

Number 4: The Climbing Cyclist

I’ve been reading the Climbing Cyclist for quite awhile, probably about the time I started getting into cycling and realised I liked hills! Then when I started doing alpine climbs I’d pop over to the site, have a read of what I was about to climb and then annoy whoever I was climbing with by spouting off tidbits of information about the climb i.e. “did you know the Mt Hotham climb is 30kms long, and you can break the ride down into three sections, the first bit up to The Meg, then the middle 10kms featuring a false flat section and then the last 10kms which include CRB hill which is HIDEOUS”. Love it.

The blog side of it details trips or special rides and often guest posts from other cyclists. Usually a bit longer, great to read over brekky or lunch!

Here is a recent post about Mt Donna Buang that I enjoyed – link here

Number 5: Retromummy 

We don’t have much in common Mrs Retromummy and I, she has 7 kids with another soon to arrive. She’s very crafty too! Not in a devious way, in a quilting way. But I love her blog, the layout and design is awesome as well its so clean and crisp and she has amazing photos.

Here are some of my favourite recent Retromummy posts:

Quick things to sew for a baby
Clean first then you can craft (reminds me of someone I know!)

So there you are my top 5 blogs!

– Jen