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Today’s post is #11 your celebrity dinner party – who would you invite?

The first person I’d invite is the man because he will be pissed if he finds out I had a dinner party and didn’t invite him, especially when he sees who the first celebrity I’m inviting is. Also it will be at our place so might be awkward if he’s fluffing around in the kitchen while I’m trying to get dinner for my guests ready.

So the first celebrity is Jens Voigt. Did you just say “who”? I’m disappointed.

Sigh. Click here, read – then come back.

So the man and I both love watching him in le tour and geez he is funny but also seems like such a nice guy. You can just about bet if the commentator says “there’s a breakaway” – the Jensie will feature.

I read some great Jens quotes today:

Of course the most famous one is ‘shutup legs’ but I didn’t know the rest of it, ‘shutup legs, do what I tell you to do’, and in his accent its even funnier.

But then there’s also “If you go (with a break), you can either win or not win. If you don’t go for it, you definitely won’t win”. Very true, Jens, very true!

Along the lines of the joke Chuck Norris ‘facts’ are some Jens ones and this one from Cycling Tips made the man giggle so you know its funny.

Jens once challenged Lance Armstrong to see who had more testicles. Jens won by 5.

See, very funny! Here is a video of him, I could listen to him talk all day!

There are other cyclists I’d like to invite but then I think they will just talk shop amongst themselves and ignore everyone else, of course this shop talk would be interesting too I guess. Simon Gerrans would be great, he seems lovely and of course Cadel! They all seem like nice boys.

The next person I would invite would be Hugh Jackman. He would sit next to the man so I can convince him once and for all he does NOT look like Hugh. He has a touch of Wolverine about him and that’s it.

If the cycling boys are there then Hugh needs some actor friends so I would also invite Ricky Gervais, Kate Winslet and Leslie Mann and Sigrid Thornton.

Ricky and Kate because I loved them in Extras (and Ricky in The Office of course), could you ever have imagined Kate Winslet saying ‘purple headed womb ferret’ before?

Leslie Mann and Sigrid Thornton because they’re my girl crushes. I love anything they’re in and I think they’d would both be quite fun to have at a party. I would question Sigrid about Diver Dan and Max in Seachange and also about All the Rivers Run.

There you have it! My celebrity dinner party.

Who would you invite?

– Jen