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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

Today’s post is #40 the menu for your last ever meal! Or last meal ever…

Far out! This is just getting too hard! And slightly depressing what with my last day ever and now my last meal.

Last meal ever…righto!

Lets start with a beer. I’m not going to get fancy, just give me a Jimmy Boags. – Premium because nobody likes Boags Draught. It is revolting stuff. The man accidentally bought a slab last time I asked him to buy Boags – honestly do I have to do everything myself? I drank it…grudgingly after I made it known I was not impressed.

Ahem. Back to the food…

For entrée it would have to be my Nan’s vegetable soup. Its vegetable soup with a bacon hock in it so not a vegetarian vegetable soup! And its amazing. I can’t eat too much of it though because I went a bit crazy with the mains.

Mains: Hmmm this was tough. Sticking with the Nan theme I have thought long and hard about this and I would really like some of Nan’s smoked cod! We have it on Good Friday, just the girls because the smell makes Dad want to vomit. Yep. So Nan’s smoked cod and with cauliflower and white sauce. So far I’m making my 81 year old Nan do all the cooking. Good stuff.


Seeing I can eat as much as I want I will also have some of the man’s homemade chicken schnitzel, get him in the kitchen too. Its pretty awesome! While we’re at it I’ll throw Mum into the kitchen and she can do her cheese and onion pie and home made potato cakes. Dad can get busy and knock up some oysters kilpatrick. I can sit back and watch.

That’s a lot of beer kind of food. But I’m not missing out on some wine with my last meal so lets open a bottle of Bobbie Burns. The man offered a bottle to take with me on Friday night when I went down to a friends place for drinks (mothers group aka girls gone wild) and I turned it down in favour of some vinegar we bought in Tassie which was nice in 2011 but has obviously turned!

Dessert – Nan’s pecan pie. For second dessert Shell can cook up some of the white wings maple pecan slice she used to make for school lunches. Gee that was good! Back in the days when you could take nuts and sugar to school.

After that I will have a break then have some dark chocolate and some really good muscat.

And after that…after that I will probably die from eating too much. Is that irony? I can never tell.

– Jen