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// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

Today’s post is #4 the day I left home.

When I was in year 11 and 12 I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up, I thought maybe I would like to be a journalist. But when I found out the journalism course was in Bathurst which meant moving away from home I couldn’t bear the thought of it so I did a degree from Albury.

I KNOW. What a muppet!!

So I stayed at home for the first couple of years of uni, not paying any board and because I’d never lived out of home before everything continued as normal, I’m pretty sure my Mum still did my washing and I still got cranky when I had to be askedto unpack the dishwasher!!!


I had been contemplating moving out with some friends from uni, probably because I was getting sick of being asked to do jobs. I was too chicken to bring it up with either of my parents, although I doubt they would have argued much!

The catalyst for me making the call was an argument with my Mum. She had just got a new laptop, her OWN laptop and I was helping her set it up. I’m sure she would agree that she is quite ‘particular’ about some things and that day it was the laptop.

I was whizzing through the setup when she caught sight of me clicking something on the screen, I think it was a message about the touchpad setup and I clicked the ‘click here to never see this again’ button.

“What was that!”
“That thing, that thing you just clicked”
“What? I don’t know, some..thing, it’s not important”..
“Well get it BACK”
“I CAN’T, I clicked here to never see it again”.

*cue meltdown* (from Mum)

After that I had the courage to tearfully tell Mum I was packing up and moving out of home.

She came and inspected my new digs after I’d been there for a week or so. Her only comment was that it was ‘big’. It was hideous!!

To her credit she ignored the enormous cracks in the walls that only got bigger over the years, the slightly musty smell from the laundry, the black mould in the bathroom and who knows what else I didn’t notice!

That’s all from me today – will give Mum the right of reply in the comments!

– Jen

Here’s the street view in case you were interested



– Jen

  • Mum

    Well it had a bigger laundry than at home and I just knew you would appreciate getting to know that part of a house. And the click you dismissed on the laptop was getting to know your new laptop tutorial. As a result I never did work out that thing…..just joking. You are forgiven. Come home now.