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I got the idea for this from another blog I’ve been reading – Mummy Wife Me . Thanks for the idea Renee!

But here he is, let me introduce you to ‘The Man’. We’ve been married for 5 years this year and together for 10. He is my almost exact opposite, logical and well..logical. I regularly wonder if one day he will divorce me due to my complete and utter illogical existence! Although as you will see, this is not what annoys him most about me!

Jen: Can I interview you for my blog?
The Man: (Flicking through Lego instruction manuals) Sure.
Jen: Okay. Ready??

Jen: What is the best part about being married to Jen?
The Man: I don’t like this interview, this is weird. Wait, Are you writing that? Okay, the
best part…I think Jen brings out the best in me. You do, you give me
confidence. Are you sure you don’t want to interview someone else? Are you writing this?
Stop it. Stop it. You’re being weird.

Jen: What is the worst part about being married to Jen?
The Man: You can beat me up hills…(on the bike)


Before I got too quick…

Jen: What is Jen’s most annoying habit?
The Man: Ummmmmm (still looking at lego manual) ummmmm leaving the dishwashing liquid on the sink instead of putting it away.
Jen: Really? That’s the most annoying thing?
The Man: Yep, really I’ve told you about it a bazillion times and you still do it. I’m not sure if you know Jen, I’m not an easily annoyed person!

Jen: What is Jen’s most endearing habit?
The Man: Endearing?
Jen: Yep
The Man: Ummmmm I don’t know how to say it…its like you are very, its not like you wear your heart on your sleeve…you empathise with people is maybe what I’m trying to say.

Jen: What was the first thing that attracted you to Jen.
The Man: The fact that you liked Futurama
Jen: Really?
The Man: No, just your personality. Easy to talk to. We had a lot of similar interests, although you’ve grown out of your lego interest..I’m sure that will come back.

Jen: What do you enjoy most about being a Dad?
The Man: Watching him grow and change and do everything for the first time. Its pretty cool.


Jen: What do you least enjoy about being a Dad?
The Man: Ha ummmm. Probably when he’s upset and you can’t do anything to help him or calm him down. I don’t like that. Its not logical!

Jen: What was your favourite thing to do with Jen pre-kids?
The Man: Did we do anything together before kids? I’m not joking. Did we? I used to like it when we went for bike rides together. Before you got too quick.

Jen: What do you miss doing with Jen now you have kids and limited time?
The Man: Riding
Jen: *Eyebrows* Bike riding?
The Man: Bike riding yes.

IMG_4605Jen: What is your most hated household chore? Do you even do any household chores?
The Man: Whatever! Yes I do plenty of household chores! And its cleaning the bathroom..
Jen: Eyebrows
The Man: And yes I’m fully aware I never clean the bathroom

Jen: What is your least hated household chore?
The Man: Vacuuming, I find it very logical.

Jen: What’s your favourite thing to cook?

Jen: What do you think annoys Jen most about you?
The Man: Um. That I’m very logical and that I use logic in everything.
Jen: Yes, correct. That’s annoying.

Jen: What do you think Jen loves most about you?
The Man: I’m not sure she does! Honestly I do not know. I think maybe because I make her laugh. Everyone calls me ‘Hilarious ‘The Man’.

Jen: Why do you think Jen is lucky to be married to you?
The Man: Phhh. I don’t think I need to dignify that with a response. Its pretty self explanatory
Jen: Eyebrows
The Man: I mean, I think I’m lucky to be married to Jen, I definitely got the better end of the deal


Jen: What do you think is the secret to a happy marriage?
The Man: U
mmmmm. Being able to support each other when you need to. Oh and communication. Which I think we still need to work on.

Jen: Thanks The Man, that’s all!
The Man: Oh really, did I answer them right? Did I win?
Jen: Yep. You won.
The Man: How could I win Jen that doesn’t even make sense.
Jen: Sigh.

There you go. I think thats a pretty good insight into our banter. Yes, I do love the fact he can make me laugh most of the time, even when I think I’m cranky.

– Jen