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Sadly last year was a bit busy for me and I totally missed out on Vance Joy taking over the world…or the airwaves anyway! First I heard of him was when I looked to see which song got #1 in Triple J’s hottest 100. I know, so sad. Had other things on my mind!

Since I have been listening to Triple J regularly this year I was on the ball for his next album and heard this the first time it got played!

I really like it, and I’m betting everyone else will too! Another #1? Maybe not, but I reckon it will be up there! The song is Mess is Mine by Vance Joy.

I love this video, its quirky for sure but of course I love it because, well – Melbourne. Melbourne folk where do you think that bit under the bridges with the trains is at the start? It kind of looks like its around Macaulay Station in Kensington? What do you think? I’ve screenshotted it here:


– Jen